Golden Geometry : Zenith Petit


The endlessly wearable Zenith Petit necklace is a beautifully crafted short triangle charm, representing the real geometric shape of a cone. This 14k gold charm embodies the strength and dynamism of geometric shapes, its pointed edges and sleek lines offering a bold visual statement that is both modern and timeless. 

In the realm of symbolism, the equilateral triangle stands as a beacon of strength, stability, and unity. Its three equal sides represent the blending of dualities to create something new and balanced, making it a symbol of creativity, innovation, and the birth of ideas. When viewed as a cone, this shape takes on a three-dimensional form, adding depth to its symbolism. The cone channels energy, focusing it towards its apex or dispersing it from its base, embodying concepts of growth, manifestation, and the dynamic movement of life force.

the Zenith Petit charm is solid 14k gold

14k gold bead chain necklace

made in NYC