My jewelry line was created in those moments when I have been solo. As a mother of two young children, those moments are rare and very precious. Oftentimes my most sustained solo time occurs when the rest of the house is soundly sleeping.

But the thinking behind SOLO was spun in those other quick moments of solitude. And it was in those times that I decided that I wanted to create a jewelry line that featured simplicity, yet also vibrance.

I feel my jewelry is simple and understated. I also design with longevity in mind. Being one who is not gentle with jewelry, I wanted to design pieces that could be put on and handle whatever it is we all get our hands into. 

All pieces are designed, assembled + made to order in my home studio. The pendants in the Golden Geometry collection are wax carved by me and then cast by artisans in NYC.

I hope you enjoy your little piece of SOLO. 

Alyson ♡︎